San Sereno News December 2018

One of the wonderful features of this time of the year is the opportunity to exchange greetings and spend time with family and friends! I still love the magic of Christmas.

I find it’s an important time to reflect on the year gone by. To all the residents who gave their advice, made suggestions, or participated in the various meetings or simply in passing by, I would like to thank you. Your support and presence in each meeting and social event helped create a phenomenal atmosphere at San Sereno and makes us look forward with anticipation and excitement to 2019. It is important to show gratitude to our team. Thank you for carrying out your daily duties as well as all the additional tasks during the renovations. Your hard work & dedication is appreciated.

Your Hospitality and Services manager has one simple and sincere wish to all – Happy Holidays!

Yours in Hospitality

Rui Antunes
Hospitality and Services Manager