San Sereno News June 2019

There’s never a dull moment here at San Sereno, with the constant hive of activity around villas being completed, residents moving in, and the renovation of the Care Centre, creating a great deal of excitement.

Over recent weeks, we met with families from the Care Centre to explain the renovation process and changes to the facility. Most agreed that the Care Centre is long overdue for an upgrade and are excited for the refurbishment. We will be using the same contractor who worked in the common area facilities. During this renovation, managing the impact on residents at the Care Centre will be integral.

We would like to thank every resident who participated in the survey. We are currently going through the feedback with the management team and assessing were we can improve.

There certainly will be some new and exciting performers and events in the upcoming months. The San Sereno Players have an exciting Murder Mystery Evening planned and Mel Miller will be performing a comedy show, so be sure to check the latest event calendar.

Yours in Hospitality

Rui Antunes

Hospitality & Services Manager