San Sereno Wins International Award

Auria Senior Living congratulates our very own architects, Ben and Walter on this outstanding, prestigious award.


Citation by Marianne De Klerk: San Sereno Senior Living is an inspiring transformation of the communal facilities of a senior residential community constructed in the late eighties. It is a very well-controlled project that breaths a new life into buildings that were mundane and unwelcoming. The project is a successful attempt to soften and humanise the institutional character of the original buildings, emanating out of a deep concern for the users’ experience.


The facility was upgraded on a functional, operational and experiential level to create legible hierarchies and ease of movement and to distinguish clearly between public and administrative functions.


The layering of facades and repurposing of spaces create complexity and give the facility a unified and dignified new character. The enfolding architecture results in a generous place with varied open spaces that allow a range of opportunities.

The detailing of prefabricated steel and timber covered walkways and screens are innovative in conception and application as it expedited construction – critical in a fragile residential community that could not be disturbed. The technology served to create a new humane face for the project whilst improving environmental comfort and easing movement between different parts of the building.


With the transformation of San Sereno, Ben Kunz and Walter Raubenheimer have created a new humane architectural typology that respects and supports senior living.