There is no right or wrong time to move to a continuing care retirement community (CRCC) – in fact, it’s a great option for any older adult. There are, however, definite advantages to planning and moving earlier rather than later.

  • If you start the process early, you have plenty of time to select your senior living community according to your needs and preferences. You may want to remain in an area you love or know or be near family and friends.
  • It may be important to you to be near service providers such as doctors or medical facilities that you are familiar with, or to be close to your favourite local shopping mall, gym or sports club.
  • Things can go wrong at all stages of life, but in one’s later years, an incident such as a fall or a sudden illness can sometimes lead to other problems very quickly. If you’re already in a CCRC, such situations can be handled expediently by our care team, resulting in a better outcome. It also means that you are spared the anxiety and stress of having to deal with a last-minute decision about finding an environment that provides the right support.
  • As we’ve mentioned, CCRCs are a wonderful option for couples because they accommodate the needs of both partners. In the event of one partner needing sudden care (a stressful situation in itself) couples don’t have to find themselves suddenly separated.
  • People’s needs can vary in both directions – it isn’t a case of things being all downhill. If you need particular assistance for a time, we provide it for as long as you need it. We are always there for you.
  • There is peace of mind in knowing that once you’ve moved to a CCRC, you never need to move again.

Given a choice, most people would prefer to grow older in a place of their choosing, where they are comfortable, feel part of their community, and have access to care and other supportive services should they be required. You don’t have to require care now to move to a senior living community. In a CCRC you can live your life just as you always have, but within a professionally managed community that facilitates an engaging and hassle-free lifestyle and has support on hand should your needs ever change.