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Situated on 9 hectares in the sought-after Cape Town suburb of Rondebosch, Woodside Village has earned the reputation as a successful and well-run continuing care retirement community (CCRC). Auria Senior Living acquired a majority interest in Woodside Village in February 2021 and are currently renovating, refurbishing and redeveloping this charming community to match the design & hospitality standards of the other Auria Senior Living communities.


Quintin Mulwitsky

Hospitality and Services Manager


Welcome to Woodside, our flagship senior living community in the Western Cape.

Woodside is a continuing care retirement community in Rondebosch, Cape Town. It is our first Auria Senior Living community in the Western Cape, and I am excited to be involved in bringing this internationally recognised model of senior living to the province.

Woodside is currently undergoing extensive renovations in order to create a gold-standard senior living community for the over-70s. I am a strong believer in our continuum of care model, through which we offer everything from independent to assisted living in a community emphasising quality of life above all. Residents will have a full range of health and wellness amenities on site as well as opportunities for social interaction, interest activities, hobbies and more. We are especially excited about the cinema, wellness centre and beautiful new dining and entertainment area which are taking shape.

Make Yourself at Home

Woodside comprises of 155 independent living garden villas and 52 apartments, as well as an assisted living facility. To the extent possible, we are able to deliver most care and support services in your home.

Garden Villas

The 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom garden
villas range from 85m2 to 190m2.

Serviced Apartments

The apartments range from 75m2 to 120m2 and have a single garage alongside the apartment block.

Assisted Living

For residents who require some help on a daily basis, our Assisted Living provide a welcome living environment where our Care Team are always close at hand, ready to assist as and when required. Around the clock.


An elegant bar and lounge become the focal area of an entirely new upstairs floor of the clubhouse, along with a large patio and deck looking out onto the mountains. There will be various dining options at Woodside. A new elegantly-renovated dining room, with adjacent winecellar, will serve a range of fresh, delicious meals in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.



Our concierge service, maintenance, housekeeping and gardening teams take the hassle out of daily living.

Home domestic services will be available on-site and on-demand, and our concierge help-desk will always be available to answer queries and provide personal assistance with your day-to-day plans.


Living Options

As a continuing care retirement community (“CCRC”) we offer fully independent living, as well as various types of assisted living in one place, ranging from home-based care to supportive care (frail care) and dedicated dementia care.

Independent Living

Independent living is for people who are completely self-sufficient but want access to lifestyle amenities and assistance when necessary. access to lifestyle amenities and assistance when necessary.


Assisted Living

The support implied in assisted living ranges from almost complete independence to needing assistance with some or even many of what are termed ‘activities of daily living’ (ADLs).


Frail Care

Our continuum of care approach means that you receive the assistance you need, within a supportive environment that presents the opportunity for an improved quality of life. Frail Care is the prevention or delaying of functional decline in older persons who are in need of assistance.


Dementia Care

Dementia is a very specific requirement and one which requires a unique care environment. This is a general term for diseases and conditions characterised by a decline in memory, problem-solving, language and other thinking skills that affects people’s ability to perform daily tasks.



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You’re welcome to bring your family or friends, have a look around and meet our team, chat to some residents and make yourself at home.