The Auria Way

The Auria Way defines our approach and attitude to Senior Living from a physical, mental, social and well-being perspective. It reflects the ecosystem of care that is brought to life in each of our Auria Senior Living Communities – from our people and culture, to our hospitality and beautifully designed accommodation and amenities, and our specialised care facilities.

The Auria Way comprises four inter-related elements:

Quality of Lifestyle
Quality of Care
Quality of Advice and Support
Peace of mind

The Auria Way inspires and guides our team to deliver on our Auria Senior Living mission of ensuring that our residents enjoy their best quality of life. Every single day.

Quality of Lifestyle

All Auria Senior Living Communities are purpose-built environments which aim to enhance the quality of life of our residents including:

  • A range of independent living options in beautiful surroundings and locations.
  • A variety of resort style facilities in walking distance including coffee shop, bar, restaurant, cinema, bowling green, swimming pool, and so much more.
  • An environment purposefully planned to accommodate the possible changing needs of the residents, in a discreet manner.
  • Social and intellectual activities.
  • Wellness and health including gym, Pilates and yoga.
  • Daily access to concierge and maintenance services.

Quality of Care

Quality of care is a key differentiator of the Auria Senior Living brand. We believe that care is about more than physical or health-related matters. Care is the golden thread that runs through all that we do including:

  • How we manage initial enquiry and pre-purchase assessments.
  • The team of nursing, administrative and other care-givers and the support staff and other professionals who embody the Auria culture of care.
  • Our on-going monitoring of all our residents throughout their senior living journey.
  • The management, planning and execution of social and community matters.

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Quality of Advice and Support

The Auria Way is built on a foundation of openness, honesty and transparency and respect for people, especially those who are making decisions about senior living options for themselves or their families.

We have a multidisciplinary team of experienced care professionals, specialists and experts including geriatricians and community managers to empower residents and their families with the right information to:

  • Navigate the choices and options for managing changing health and daily needs, as and if they arise.
  • Advise on optimal care and lifestyle enhancements and interventions.
  • Enable our residents to retain their independence even if their health status declines.

As the authority in Senior Living we keep up to date with trends and innovations in the delivery of care and advice.

Peace of Mind

At Auria Senior Living we know how important peace of mind is for potential residents and their families. Auria’s life rights business model truly enables our residents to live later life to the full and gives them and their families peace of mind about the choices they have made.

Peace of mind is further enhanced by Auria’s Care and Response approach:

  • Our continuum of care offering means that no matter how our residents’ health status may change over time, they will have no need to move anywhere else.
  • All care is provided on-site, and even if the level of care required changes, there is no need to move from the Auria community.
  • There is on-site medical and emergency response 24/7/365.
  • Our monthly levies are determined upfront for our residents’ lifetime. Costs are certain and transparent and can be managed and planned for.