At Auria, we understand that prospective residents and their families have questions about various aspects of life in an Auria Senior Living Community.  We hope that our responses to questions which we are frequently asked will address any concerns that prospective residents and their families may have.

Senior Living refers to a range of Independent Residential, Assisted Living and Care Facilities that provide a continuum of care living environment for those who are 70 and over.  Whether you want to, and are able to live completely independently, or require some companionship, or a little (or more) specialized care, an Auria Senior Living Community can cater for your needs.  No matter your health circumstances, which may change over time, you will never have to move anywhere else, and our team will ensure that you enjoy your best quality of life, every single day.  This is Senior Living.

We generally advise people over the age of 70 to consider moving into one of our communities.

Our residents at San Sereno, an Auria Senior Living Community tell us they enjoy:

  • Our vibrant community, which creates an environment for social interaction, intellectual stimulation, physical activity, convenience, peace of mind and companionship.
  • Our range of beautifully designed amenities and recreational facilities, such as our coffee shop, (Café Auria), an indoor swimming pool, gym, restaurant, cinema, licensed bar, bowling club, concierge services and so much more.
  • Availability of chef-prepared meals – both set menu or a-la-carte, – all day and every day, be it in our magnificent restaurant, or something lighter (or sweeter!) in our bright and trendy coffee shop.
  • The relief of not having to deal with the hassle of home and garden maintenance, which are all timeously taken care of by our extensive on-site team.
  • A sense of safety due to our stringent security measures.
  • Having the reassurance of knowing that care and assistance is near at hand, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter whether you are in perfect health, or require a little assistance – we are there for you. Any time you need us.
  • The peace of mind of living in an Auria Senior Living Community – not only are all day to day needs “sorted” – but ones’ monthly living costs are predictable into the future – meaning one can plan reliably, and enjoy financial peace of mind too.
  • Being able to lock-up and go away on holiday; with the freedom of not having to worry about their home.

No matter your health status, if you are over 70, start thinking about making this move and visit and explore an Auria Senior Living Community so you can get a sense of our resort-style facilities, our upmarket amenities and services and the continuum of care available to all our residents.  You don’t have to make your decision straight away, but certainly register your interest in Auria with us. This way, we can keep you informed of any news or when an unit that will suit your needs becomes available, and also advise you on the various aspects of senior living that are likely to suit your specific needs.  We will also keep you appraised of our new communities that are being built around the country.


Should you be concerned about your health, or have any specific needs around assistance or care, we suggest you contact us, and one of our experienced and qualified care professionals will be delighted to meet with you and advise you as to what we feel is best for you, and on how we can help you – all based on your specific circumstances, needs and preferences.  We pride ourselves on being able to give you all the advice and support you need in making the best decisions, that are just right for you.

Respect and freedom of choice when it comes to quality of life are key priorities at our Auria Senior Living Communities. While most of our residents live and enjoy an entirely independent life, if they ever need assistance with day-to-day activities, or care services, we are there for them.


We treat our residents with complete respect as individuals and provide a variety of choice in terms of how these services are provided.  Whilst our communities are abuzz with social activities and entertainment, these are all there for residents to participate in as and when they wish to.  Should you prefer more solitary pursuits or quiet time, you are free to live your life as you please.  On your terms, in total privacy.

Of course – in fact, they will probably be inviting themselves!!  We have various dining options available at our Auria Senior Living Communities.  Our beautiful restaurant serves daily set menus and a-la-carte options, – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our baristas in our coffee shop will greet you by name, and you can order a breakfast, brunch, light meal, morning tea or sweet treat. Having a birthday or other celebration? Invite guests to join you – you can arrange with the concierge to host as many as you like, have access to our private dining rooms and you can design your own bespoke menu with our chefs and catering team.  Our licensed bar service is also available, ensuring that all your requirements are met.

Yes, of course!  Furry family members are valued at Auria as we recognise the importance of pets.  We’ll welcome your four-legged friends into our communities, although we do have reasonable restrictions.

Our units are all newly renovated, and prior to moving in, residents are able to choose from a range of upmarket and luxurious finishes, so that each home is a reflection of their personal taste and style.  Most residents choose to bring their own furniture – be it your cozy lounge suite with all its memories, or something newly acquired to suit your new residence.  However, for those residents looking for some convenience, or a bespoke “new start”, we will make the services of one of our experienced interior designers available, to assist in furnishing your brand-new home – for an elegant and exciting new look, within your budget.  So you can downsize, but upgrade!

All our units have at least one garage (sometimes these are double garages) or covered or basement parking for your car. We also have ample visitors parking and other covered parking is also available.

Our communities offer a wealth of activities, every day, to ensure that our residents enjoy an active, healthy and intellectually and socially stimulating lifestyle.  From fitness activities (such as yoga, pilates, aqua aerobics etc.) to daily movie screenings in our cinema, there’s something for everyone, should they feel like participating.  More social activities include group trips to the theatre, bridge and other card game, art classes, happy hours in our bar, talks and lectures given by experts on various topics, pub evenings, themed dinners – the list goes on.  Quite literally there is “never a dull moment” in our Auria Communities.  There is never any pressure to participate – but when one does, friendships are strengthened and forged, and memories are made.


Whatever you want to do, we have a wealth of things to do to keep you stimulated, involved and active.

We have a driver available for residents, should they require this service, and this is booked through our concierge.  All our communities are designed such that all areas are accessible to all residents – no matter their mobility needs and requirements.

Our residents simply need to advise the Concierge at our Front Desk ahead of time if they plan on being away for a while.  This means that, we can account for all residents in an emergency, and we can also keep an eye on homes, and assist with any tasks should they need carrying out while our residents are away.

Our House Rules are not onerous, but ensure that residents are respectful of one another and mindful of community living.

We regard our residents’ safety and well-being as being our primary concern and, as such, we have strict access control and monitoring at all our communities.

At Auria Senior Living Communities, we seek to improve quality of life by focusing on each resident’s health and wellness and are pro-active in identifying vulnerability and changes in health or daily needs.  We have a holistic approach to enable healthy living and a healthy lifestyle in every way. We encourage our residents to enjoy their exercise, and to make use of our gym, heated in-door swimming pool and bowling green. Our residents are also encouraged to raise any concerns they may have about their health and well-being with one of our qualified health practitioners.


We conduct formal bi-annual assessments of each resident’s health and well-being to proactively address any issues that may arise and to assist in improving the health of our residents. We also have physiotherapists and bio kineticists on site.

Our residents have around-the-clock access to the very best care, every day of the year.  This ranges from simple companionship to complete multi-disciplinary health care, including assisted living and dementia care.  Our staff pride themselves on greeting each resident by name and ensuring that their every requirement is addressed at all stages of their life.

Our residents always have preference in our Community Care Centre.  In the unlikely event that there is no room available, we will make sure that care is provided in the resident’s unit until a Care Centre room becomes available.  We will always ensure that our residents receive the care they need, when they need it.

Yes, of course.  Dementia doesn’t present itself in the same way for everybody who has it, so we will advise on which living option is best for our residents and their loved ones. We encourage and facilitate retaining independence for as long as possible.  No one need move out because of dementia – we are able to provide the requisite care for all stages of dementia.

If you require care, we are able to provide carers to assist.  Or you could choose to bring your own carer.  At all times, our expert care staff will advise you on what is best for you, given your personal circumstances and preferences.

Yes of course.  The Auria Way is all about providing superlative quality of life, quality of care, quality of advice and peace of mind.  An essential part of this is making sure that our residents enjoy as much control as possible over every aspect of their daily activities, as well as their lives as a whole.  At Auria Senior Living, we are completely committed to ensure that our residents enjoy a full and active lifestyle and that they enjoy their best quality of life, every single day.

Cost of care depends on what type of care is required, and if the care is provided in the resident’s home, or within our care centre.  It is, however, at discounted rates, so there are no bill shocks, and all residents benefit from 14 days free of charge annually in our care center if this is needed.


We also have a team of friendly medical professionals, nurses, as well as other care-givers at our communities, all of whom embody the Auria culture of care.  We also continuously monitor the health and wellbeing of our residents.


Our philosophy is to provide our residents choice when it comes to choosing how their care is provided.  What this means is that, if our residents require care and prefer to have it in their home, we will do this as far as is possible.  Another option is to move into the Care Centre, depending on their circumstances.  At all stages, we will advise residents as to the options available to them, and suggest what we feel is best for them, based on a holistic assessment of all their needs and circumstances.

Auria is a very affordable solution to senior living.  When you apply for residence, you and your family will enjoy a full and frank consultation with a member of our Auria team who will guide you through the financial aspects of becoming a resident of our communities.


Auria’s life rights business model, together with monthly levy escalations that are defined up-front, as well as an option to access capital to fund care costs (if required) give our residents’ certainty when it comes to future costs. This enables them to plan for the years ahead, and provides peace of mind.

When someone purchases a Life Right, they have the right of exclusive use of a property for the remainder of their or their spouse’s/partner’s life.

A Life Right scheme differs to a Sectional Title or Full Title property in that ownership of the property is held by the life rights scheme owner/operator, which, in this case, is Auria.  Even though legal ownership of the property is not transferred to the Occupant, a Life Right is sold under a secure legal framework, which essentially provides the Occupant with all the legal protections of full ownership of the property during their lifetime.


When purchasing a life right, a market-related capital sum is paid to the life right scheme owner for the right to use the property for the remainder of the Occupants’ life.  During this time, a monthly levy is payable to fund general operating costs and maintain the estate and property.  When the life right either expires, or is sold, the original capital sum or a portion (dependent on contractual terms) is returned to the Occupant or their estate.


Unlike Full Title or Sectional Title schemes, any capital appreciation in the property accrues to the scheme owner, and not the Occupant.  As a result, the scheme owner, Auria in this case, is always incentivized to maintain and operate the scheme optimally and to the highest standard to ensure overall property capital appreciation.  As a result, the interests of the operator and the occupant are aligned.

Yes, levies are payable on a monthly basis and are determined up-front.  For life.  There are no special levies.  And no surprises! The monthly levy covers security, communal garden maintenance, external maintenance, municipal costs (other than electricity consumption) as well as all services including:

  • Full concierge service
  • Availability of dining services
  • 24/7 nursing and medical response
  • Panic button response
  • 14 days free in the Care Centre if required
  • Resident’s activity programme
  • Wellness programme
  • Bi-annual wellness assessment.

Costs that are not included in the levy include:

  • Electricity consumption
  • Food
  • Personal contents insurance
  • Private gardening
  • Domestic cleaning (except in our serviced apartments, where certain domestic cleaning services are included in the levy)
  • Internal maintenance.

When you take into account all the services we offer, monthly levies in an Auria Senior Living Community are generally more cost effective than living in your own home.  And this also means that you don’t have the hassle of gardening and maintenance, unless of course, these are hobbies you enjoy!

While levies escalate on an annual basis, they increase at a contractually fixed rate so that you have a clear line of sight into your future monthly living costs.  Capital preservation is a key consideration for many of our residents.  With this in mind, Auria Senior Living annual levy escalations are predetermined until the age of 85, after which the escalation halves and, at age 90, levies escalations reduce to zero, meaning that residents then pay the same levy for the remainder of their lives.


There are no special levies or any other costs, and this is guaranteed for life.  This gives our residents peace of mind when it comes to their future costs of living.

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